Spring 2024 in Maremma

Spring 2024 in Maremma: springtime is the ideal time to visit Maremma.

Springtime is the ideal time to visit Maremma, vacations on the week ends of April 25, May 1 and June 2 are just a start for your Summer holiday planning. Walking, riding or biking, you can go through the Maremma's natural world in all its splendor. If you love sunbathing, the beach may be your favourite choice, waiting for bathing on Summer, even though there may be somebody who already dares dive into the sea in the hottest days!

In April there is also the most popular fair of Maremma, the Fair of Madonnino, which will be held in Grosseto (centro fiere di Grosseto). During the Springtime, farmers get into full swing and Maremma is very famous for the presence of the "butteri", local cowboys who have an ancient tradition in breeding livestock (Maremma's cattles) and riding the typical horse of Maremma, the Maremmano. In this period, every year, they masterly repeat two traditional activities: the "merca" of the livestock and the foal taming. You may assist to live performances if you stop by the many farmhouses, don’t miss this unforgettable experience.
During the Springtime you can find many town festivals in all Maremma’s villages. In May every year there is the traditional event of "Maggerini" (Maremma's story-tellers entertain people improvising verses in octave rhyme). Another important event in April or May, is “La Notte dei Pirati” in Porto Ercole.
Finally, in May you can enjoy the first of the two medieval festivals called the "Balestro del Girifalco" (Falcon Crossbow Contest) in Massa Marittima.

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