Farm holidays in Tuscany

Farm holidays in Tuscany

Farm holidays in Tuscany

Farm holiday in Tuscany is a byword for quality, tradition and beauties of nature. The landscape of Tuscany has some of magic and choosing farm holiday in Tuscany for your holidays means the possibility of living very close to nature through many different opportunities: riding, biking, trekking, completely surrounded by an unpolluted nature, in the pinewoods, along white country roads, on wild beaches, across olive groves and vineries. Besides, the presence of ancient pathes and ruins testifies Tuscany is a place steeped in history where ancient peoples have lived since the most ancient times.

Besides this spectacular contest, an holiday spent in an farm holiday in Tuscany adds the possibility to taste the local specialities of the traditional cooking and also to try typical meals made with simplicity and a good variety of flavours, served with famous wines locally produced that delight the most discriminating palates. It's important not to forget the big sense of hospitality and the warm welcome given to the tourists, a centuries-old tradition heritage

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