Summer 2019

Tuscany summer holiday guide 2019: for your summer holidays here are our travel guide to the sea in Tuscany Maremma and some events you can't to miss.

Porto Ercole - Spiaggia Lunga

Maremma Sea

On Summer 2019, the sea of Maremma offers numerous opportunities and experiences you can't to miss. Follow us on: the Sea of Maremma.

Festambiente 2019

From 14 to 18 august 2019 like every year, in this Summer there is the new appointment with the event Festambiente, the festival dedicated to the nature and the good living, sponsored by the association Legambiente. In the marvellous setting of the Natural Park of Maremma, among vineyards and hills of olive groves, it will be five days of events: concerts, cinema, conferences, shows, spaces for children and exhibitions. For further information, contact offices in: Enaoli - Rispescia (Grosseto) Tel. +39/0564/48771 fax +39/0564/487740; email: info@festambiente.it
Balestro del Girifalco

Balestro del Girifalco in Massa Marittima

Summer 2019 in Massa Marittima: in the attempt to recall the ancient tradition of the exercise of the crossbow, in Massa Marittima every year it's organised a competition between the Terzieri called "Balestro del Girifalco". This contest is staged twice a year: on the 4th Sunday of May and 14 August. The contest is opened with a pageant, featuring over 150 partecipants, all dressed in reproduced medieval clothes. 24 crossbowmen partecipate into the contest, 8 archers for each of the 3 quarters called Terzieri (Cittanuova, Cittavecchia e Borgo) in which is divided Massa Marittima since 1225, the date of its constitution as a Free City. The arrows are shot with old italian style crossbows, accurate copies of their 15th century ancestors. After having loaded his weapon with the "Girello" or "Martinetto", the marksman takes his place on the bench and aims at the target called "corniolo", which is placed 36 meters away. The Corniolo is a conical shaped piece of wood, 42cm in height, with a diameter of 13cm and with its smaller end fitted to a black painted disc of 45cm in diameter. The whole assembly is attached in the center of the large "Girifalco". The winner is the crossbowman whose arrow hits the target nearest to the center. He is rewarded with a symbolic golden arrow and his Terziere will receive the large painted silk banner. For information: Società dei Terzieri Massetani e-mail info@societaterzierimassetani.it Phone +39 0566 903908
Palio Marinaro of Argentario

Palio Argentario

Summer 2019: August, 15th Since 1937 every year in Porto Santo Stefano it takes the Marine Racing called Palio Marinaro of Argentario. It's a race where 4 rowing boats, on behalf of the four Rioni of the town Croce, Fortezza, Pilarella and Valle challenge themselves to aback-breaking competition long 4000 metres. Legend has it that this race is born during the Spanish garrisons when a fishing boat was able to escape from Saracen pirates, rowing very hard. Before the beginning of The Palio, along the streets there is an historical parade with characters dressed in period costumes.
Lirica in Piazza a Massa Marittima

Lirica in Piazza a Massa Marittima

In August in the setting of the beautiful medieval square there is the annual summer event dedicated to Live Opera on square. Edition 2019: 3 august 9:15 pm La Bohème by Giacomo Puccini; 4 august 9:15 pm Aida by Giuseppe Verdi; 5 august 9:15 Il Flauto Magico by Wolfang Amadeus Mozart. For information: lirica@comune.massamarittima.gr.it
Amiata Piano Festival

Amiata Piano Festival

In the summer it's organized the annual Amiata Piano Festival, an eminent international music event in a landscape of rare beauty and in a highly prestigious wine. Download the 2019 edition program, for information please write to: info@amiatapianofestival.it
Le Notti dell'Archeologia

Le Notti dell'Archeologia (The nights of archaeology)

July offers a special calendar to visit the archaeological sites of Maremma, including evening opening of museums, parks, unique events and guided tours. For information Download the 2019 edition program
Estate al Museo 2012

Vetulonia Exhibition - "Alalìa. La battaglia che cambiò la storia."

From 9 June to 3 November 2019 at the Archaeological Civic Museum Isidoro Falchi of Vetulonia, "Alalìa. The battle that changed history. Greeks, Etruscans and Carthaginians in the Mediterranean of the sixth century BC" the exhibition focuses on the naval battle of 540 BC occurred in the Sardonian sea between Focei di Alalìe (Corsica) on one side and Etruscans and Carthaginians on the other, for information museovetulonia@libero.it tel. 0564 948058
Discover the main events of summer 2019 in Maremma: www.tuttomaremma.com/en/events.htm.

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