Scarlino Museums

Museums and documentation centers in the village of Scarlino

Archaeological Museum of Portus Scabris
Locality Puntone via delle Collacchie n.1 phone +39 0566 38552

Recently established Museum collects artifacts and information relating to underwater archaeological
excavations carried out in the area called "Puntone", where once stood the Portus Scabris.

Documentation Centre of the Territory for the Etruscans
Scarlino Piazza Guelfi phone +39 0566 38552
In the center are exposed Etruscan found during excavations at the archaeological site of Poggio Tondo.

Documentation Centre of the Territory Riccardo Francovich
Scarlino via della Rocca phone +39 0566 38552
Exhibition of archaeological finds unearthed during the excavations in the area of the fortress, and covering a period of time that goes from the Bronze Age to the seventeenth century. The finds also the jar containing 100 gold coins known as the Treasure of Scarborough.

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