Porto santo stefano
Top things to see

Top things to see in Porto Santo Stefano

Top tourist attractions in Porto Santo Stefano: sightseeing routes and excursions in Porto Santo Stefano and surroundings.

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Walking in Porto Santo Stefano

Arriving by car, you can admire a beautiful panorama of Porto Santo Stefano. The first thing you see will be the shipyard. At this point, especially in high season, you should leave your car in parking and then continue on foot. You will cross the port with ferries to the islands of Giglio and Giannutri, yachts and fishing boats. If you arrive in the afternoon you can watch the landing of fresh fish. At the end of the port there is the Mediterranean Aquarium of Argentario, and here it begins the splendid promenade designed by Giorgetto Giugiuaro.

In Piazza dei Rioni there are many bars and restaurants with terraces overlooking the sea. At any time of day the relaxing atmosphere of this places gives you really nice moments.
Going through the picturesque alleys and stairways of the historic center, you reach the old Spanish fortress from which you can admire a magnificent panorama.

Spanish Fortress

Entering in the village look up and see the ancient Spanish fortress. Situated in a dominant position, it was built to control the port in the seventeenth century, during the Spanish domination. The building is in perfect condition, inside there are permanent exhibitions. From the terraces of the fortress you can admire a magnificent panorama.

Beaches of Porto Santo Stefano

The beaches of Porto Santo Stefano are many and varied. There are the most striking reached only by sea (we suggest you rent a boat) and the most comfortable reach by land. Photos and details of: Beaches Porto Santo Stefano.

Panoramic Coastal Road and Coastal Towers

This road will give a succession of beautiful landscapes. Drive along the stretch of Tuscan coast facing the open sea. Besides the beauty of the natural landscape, you can see the remains of several towers built during the Spanish domination. There are many places where you can stop for a photo.

Roman Villa Domizi Enobarbi

On the end of this pretty little beach are the remains of a large Roman villa of I sec. a. C. You can still see the remains of ancient semi-submerged fish farms.

Monastery of Padri Passionisti and Punta Telegrafo

Along the road from Port Santo Stefano brings to Orbetello, you'll find the road that will enable it to reach the summit of Monte Argentario. At an altitude of 273 meters you find the monastery of Padri Passionisti (the church, eighteenth-century style, retains many relics of St. Paul) from the square which you can enjoy one of the best views of Argentario. Continuing the climb, we arrive at an altitude of 645 meters above sea level, the summit called Argentario Punta Telegrafo. Enchanting panorama, you can see the islands of Giglio, Giannutri and when the sky is clear, the island of Montecristo.

Capo d'Omo Tower with cliff and climbing routes

The cliff of Capo d'Omo is a wonderful vertical wall overlooking the sea and equipped for climbing. On the top there are the ruins of the tower and a magnificent panorama.

Argentario Polo Club

Argentario Polo Club located in località Le Piane in a beautiful frame setting by the sea.

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