Porto Santo Stefano events

Porto Santo Stefano events: Porto Santo Stefano events list, Palio Marinaro, Argentario Sailing Week, Pasquavela.


Religious procession wiyh blessing of the sea

Easter Sunday at sunrise, religious procession in honour of Cristo's resurrection.

Easter week end


Pasquavela Traditional sailing boat race.
Info www.ycss.it Telephone 0564814002


Argentario Sailing Week

Every year in the middle of June, regatta for classic yachts.
Per info: www.argentariosailingweek.it
fonte www.tuttomaremma.com


Palio Marinaro dell'Argentario

Since 1937, each year in 15 august, traditional boat race between the 4 Rioni of Porto S. Stefano.
Info about www.palioargentario.it


Living Nativity Scene

During Christmas Festivities (26 december and 6 january), in the old town a suggestive Living Nativity Scene with local actors in traditional costume.

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