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Manciano events: Manciano events list


Strawberry festival

In the village of Marsiliana, usually this last weekend of May takes place this very popular festival with food stands and music.


Palio delle Botti

The Palio delle Botti of Manciano is usually held on the last weekend of August. It is a recent event, the first edition took place in 2009, however it refers to the ancient skill of the cellarers in transporting the barrels making them roll. The challenge between the six districts of the town (Borgo, Cassero, Fonti, Imposto, Mulinello and Monumento) is exciting and consists in pushing a barrel full of water along a path in the historic center. The race is preceded by the parade of the historical parade.


Festa delle Cantine

In the historical center of village Manciano every year, the second week-end of September, days of tasting and festivity it dedicates to all the lovers of the optimal wine and the good traditional tuscany kitchen.

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