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Giannutri Boat Rental

Boat rental services for Giannutri island, the best way to discover the island's secret coves and crystal clear sea on the Tuscan coast.

Discovering Giannutri from the sea on a boat is an unforgettable experience. The wind in your hair, the freedom of being away from the summer crowds, and a clear sea that invites you to dive. A boat trip to Giannutri leaves you with unforgettable memories. An island in the Tuscan Archipelago National Park that is as fascinating as it is unique, where nature reigns supreme. What exactly are you waiting for? Choose your preferred solution now: a boat of your own for a day, a weekend, or even a boat trip to Giannutri.

Here the available solutions:

Argentario Rental Boats

Porto Domiziano, Lungomare dei Navigatori, 47 Porto Santo Stefano
Phone +39 3293612593

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Argentario Charter

Boarding point: Porto Turistico Domiziano Piazzale Candi 58019 Porto Santo Stefano
Phone +39 333 6277376

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Isla Negra

Boarding point Porto Ercole
Phone + 39 330 268400; + 39 339 8708394

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Argentario Vela

Zeurino barche P.le Candi 9 Porto Santo Stefano
Phone +39 0564 818728

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Perilmar Yacht Charter

Boarding point Porto Santo Stefano and Punta Ala
Phone + 39 3292315640

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