Argentario beaches

Argentario beaches

Argentario Beaches: a travel guide about the beaches in Argentario, with photos, tips and map.

The best way to appreciate the sea and the marvelous beaches of Argentario is renting a small boat or an inflatable boat in Porto Santo Stefano or in Porto Ercole. Sailing along the promontory you can admire the most hidden little bays, the coves, the oxbows. Don’t miss to drop anchor and swim and snorkel at some beautiful beaches reachable only by sea, reason for why hardly ever crowded. Otherwise, for people do not have mind to board to ship, we recommend the following little bays and beaches in Argentario reachable both by sea and by land.

A very special point of strength of Argentario consists in offering the possibility to choose a wide range of sheltered from the wind bays in any weather condition. The first thing to do is to see which way the wind blows before choosing the right beach, for instance going to the south coast in case of winds from north and vice versa.

If you are not confident with it, don’t hesitate to ask advice to the old sea dogs who you will surely meet around the port, they will not fail to give you a good suggestion. If you are looking for sandy and gently sloping beaches, the choice will be between Giannella or Feniglia (they are the two long, narrow strips of land called Tombolo that connect Argentario to the mainland).

Giannella Beach

Bagni di Domiziano Beach

La Soda Beach

Pozzarello Beach

Bionda Beach

Cantoniera Beach

Moletto Beach

Caletta Beach

Cacciarella Beach

Cala Grande Beach

Cala del Gesso Beach

Cala del Bove

(pictures not available currently)

Cala Piccola Beach

Mar Morto beach

Cannelle Beach

Acqua Dolce Beach

Sbarcatello Beach

(pictures not available currently)

Spiaggia Lunga Beach

Viste Beach

Cala Galera Beach

Feniglia Beach

Map to the main beaches and bays of the Argentario

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